Hanzo Wave | Overwatch Summer Games 2019

Every so often there's opportunity to add details to the concept and Blizzard lets me play. The logo I designed for Lifeguard McCree was for sports equipment, like the bag and cooler for his beach gear. For Hanzo, this was an apparel line, and I couldn't help diving headfirst into a nerdy pun. Riffing on the Musketeer angle for team play, and mixing in a little tragic backstory canon, 'All for one and one for all' fit. Abstracting this into a merchandising logo, I found representation in the math symbol for the 'turn A', which stands for 'for all'. And because I can't resist stacking puns, 'one for all' is very 'one size fits all'.
It's a small logo and nobody will ever really see it, but I am entertained. ;} Blizzard, thank you as always for letting me play in this awesome world.
© 2016 Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Character skin model and textures
by Kristen Perry.
Concept, weapon, base model and any additional work done by the gentle-people of Blizzard Entertainment.